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About Pattilorefice

I was born in Australia in an Italian community, both my parents having emigrated from Naples and Sicily. With roots in farming, working the land and a southern mix, I was raised to prepare and cook fresh ingredients straight from the garden. I learnt how to cook day to day dishes and preserve foods for longer term consumption. For the past 20 years I have lived in London with my husband ,4 children and dog(Rocket). During these years I have cooked for my family, hosted countless dinner parties for family and friends, catered for school events (school fairs and bake sales) and catered for community project events. Although I have not pursued my career in Nursing or Public Health I have always maintained an interest in good health and am passionate about encouraging people to lead a healthy lifestyle. My community work and care for the planet has inspired me to explore sustainability and working within the model of a circular economy. Recently I have been interested in plant based dishes and eliminating refined sugars from my baking and cooking, and exploring sharing my skills beyond my family and friends. And so with my passion for the planet and cooking I endeavour to sell naturally healthy baked goods. I enjoy; gardening, reading , exploring art, going on long walks and swimming (even in cold water).

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