‘Why do you want to set up a business?’

3 min readApr 11, 2021

Perhaps this is a question we should ask ourselves before we even set out to start a business of our own. I suppose the answer to this reinforces the reasons to keep moving forward when we have doubts and lack the confidence to carry on with an idea.

I think I have always enjoyed coming up with new ideas and challenging the status quo. I remember during my school years and being handed essay topics or projects ideas, I would never accept any of the teachers. I always enjoyed the challenge of searching for my own inspiration and embracing my own interests, and researching the topics I came across. I supposed I hated being told what to do. I was a well behaved child, I rarely got into trouble at school, but when it came to school work I wanted to be my own boss.

I suppose this has grown with me over the years, and realised when I chose nursing as a form of education,, that this as a career would not be enough to satisfy my need for a challenge. While I love to care for people, I realised there were other ways to provide this. During my years of working in the not for profit sector, I realised also that not all work has to be about making money- it’s about giving back what we take. Another moral value I hold deeply and one that I think I share with nature.

I have always talked about working for myself, especially since I had my second child and left my place of work to care for my kids. Now with four children to care for, it feels even more important for me to be my own boss or captain of my ship. I want to be there for my children , but also feel I have skills and values that I can share with people. I have been blessed with a good upbringing , loving parents who imparted a love for nature and finding the right balance in life, as well as a passion for cooking and eating fresh and tasty food.

The other day my husband and I finally decided to do a clear out of our dreaded basement storage area. It was here that I uncovered my yearbook for when I completed my MSc in Public Health. Of course I was curious to flip through the book and remind myself of the two years of continuous work I had completed, and also remind myself of my classmates. I came across my name and younger photo of myself and read my responses to the general questions asked of all the master graduates. I was reassured, when I read my response, as it kind of confirms why I’m at this stage in my life now.

My answer to ‘What I hope to be doing in a few years from now’

So I have taken my name out of the buried treasure and pinned it to my board in full view, to remind myself this is my path now. I don’t know what the actual final business will look like, but I know it will be something that I can be proud of. It certainly starts off with selling cakes, healthy ones that taste good.




An Italian / Australian living in London with my husband and 4 children. I have a MSc in Public Health Sciences, amateur gardener and enjoy cold water swimming.